Frequently asked questions

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Can we hire and operate equipment ourselves?

By all means! We have a range of DIY equipment available. You might however prefer technical assistance from us for more complex events. Talk to us to discuss your needs.

Do you sell audio equipment?

We can supply all your audio equipment requirements for your commercial premises, sporting club and/or entertainment venue. We have a wide range of equipment and systems located at numerous locations across the WA region.

We need to source some extra equipment and materials for a dinner evening during our conference can you help?

Yes we can. Either at your venue or off site we can arrange extra equipment, theming materials, performance artists just about anything. Try us!

Do I need personal identification to hire?

To hire equipment you will need to be 18 years or older, with a current Australian Driver’s License, or Proof of Age Card (18+ Card), as well as a supporting document that shows you are currently living at the listed address. These two items must match in name, and address.

Can someone else come in to collect the equipment with my ID?

No, the individual who is collecting the gear will need to bring their ID to collect the gear, please ensure if you are going to have someone collect gear on your behalf they have read our terms and conditions.

What happens if an item fails during the event?

Our equipment is tested and serviced upon return of each event, if you do have an issue with a piece of equipment which is diagnosed as being faulty, we will credit the hire item charge to you as listed in our terms and conditions of hire.

My event was cancelled, can I have a refund?

The terms and condition of hire do not allow you to ask for a refund if an event is cancelled.  Once the gear is booked and paid for it is reserved and committed to you, and unavailable to any other clients.

What if I blow up the speakers?

When picking up equipment, the terms and conditions stipulate the gear is going to be taken care of until it is returned. This includes the case where gear is misused or abused. The equipment that we hire out is professional quality, but by misuse it can still be broken. In the case where gear is returned with damage and that is due to abuse the parts and labour will need to be paid for by the person who hired the equipment and agreed to the terms and conditions.

My event is on a Friday night, can I keep it until Monday?

As long as when you are making your booking you book the equipment for 3 days (fri-sun) and the date for return is listed as Monday we do not expect the gear back before then.